"With the way that bitch glared at me, she seems about as repusive as Spoiled Milk".
by IBTAL December 26, 2019
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Your own manly dairy farm. When you take a swig out of a newly opened carton of milk and replace it by pumping it full of your own man cream. (No Expiration Date Needed)
1. Honey, I think the milk is spoiled again, come check for me.

2. Santa was in for a surprise when Vickie poured a glass of spoiled milk with her freshly baked cookies.
by James L. Parker February 7, 2008
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A white girl who fucks black guys. That milk is spoiled, why would you want to drink that?
Yo i was checking out this hot biddie on facebook the other day but then i saw her kissing a black dude. That is some spoiled milk right there
by spiridoula March 1, 2011
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A term for titties that spend a lot of time being naked, that if it were a cup of milk, the milk inside of them would spoil.
You know how you leave a cup out for so long the cup of milk is gonna spoil eventually? I been nekkid so much I think my titties are spoiled. The milk inside.
I like to keep these titties out, that’s spoiled milk titties
by Soozaaaa January 15, 2022
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Usually refers to a person with a lot of rage, especially online in a group chat.
Alternatively, it refers to someone who keeps a figurine in a jar and nuts in it.
Brian is a spoiled milk person. Not only is his personality actually dog shit, but he nuts in a jar with Starfire from Teen titans in it.
by Drorie March 29, 2020
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A (white) female or woman of white Caucasian heritage who’s acting like she’s nicer, sexier or more attractive than she actually is. Based on her personality and not necessarily on her actual looks but often times she can also be referred to as mid to low level milk just by way of character
She’s spoiled milk, she’s expired milk, she’s low level milk
by HonestyHonestly January 27, 2023
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