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(n.) the cock-sucking busybody that comes in and ruins another's fun by setting a self-serving moral standard based on some hazzily-recalled previous experience in which the sploogemop came out behind, and thus, going forward, everyone else needs to suffer the same fate.

(n.) the rule or value instituted by said cocksucker, i.e. the Sploogemop's sploogemop.

(v.) to make a horseshit, self-serving, catch-all rule, i.e. The Sploogemop sploogemopped yet another sploogemop
1. In my humble opinion, Daniel is a sploogemop. Yea verily, that rapscallion fixed the league rules to favor his team because of an imagined slight he received in times gone by.

2. Why, this is nothing more than Daniel's latest sploogemop, I tell you! A simple artifice aimed at bringing the league rules into harmony with his vision of fairness, yay, his vision alone!

3. He sploogmopped the executive council with his new regulation and now money for women and booze can no longer be taken from the petty cash.
by Uncle Gravy July 25, 2011
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Someone who has surpassed the level of being a douchbag but not quite a mother fucker. Total cockiness is at hand; he (lets face it, it'll be a guy) won't punch children but will annoy the shit out of you, chances are, your evening will be ruined by him. The bar you met him at will be permanently tainted (you'll avoid it at all cost and tell your friends to never go there in fear of this given person will be there); a group of these types can be referred to as a "closet of sploogemops."
Ugh... Nick is working tonight; total sploogemop I slept with him and he texted me the next day with "that was a big load I dropped, right?" Let's not go here, we're better off at a Chili's.
by Proud gemini November 14, 2016
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