The Spline is a sophisticated party act only performed by top tier beak lovers and ganja gurus. It involves two meticulous moves. One move requires a swift but conserved inhale of a perfectly prepared spliff. The THC must be then held in your lungs while simultaneously sniffing an Everest sized amount of cocaine through crisp, freshly rolled £20. If successful you have performed the infamous Spline. Toms and Jamess have a sacred duty to perform the Spline when cocaine and weed are present at a party.
"Oi mate, fancy a cheeky spline."
"Ye laaa I would love to smash a spline right now"
by Nipplevirus October 22, 2019
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The object which Maxis likes to reticulate.
1: "What are you reticulating, dude?"
2: "My favorite dish-- Splines!"
by Airwalker October 3, 2003
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Objects that must be reticulated before any Sim game may be operated.
by Marinesownme September 4, 2006
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A combination organ between the spine and the spleen. One which doesn't exist, but you should ask the stoner people how it's doing anyways.
Hey Maya, how's your spline doing? What? Not to well? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
by Stev-ky March 9, 2005
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to partake in anal sex without lubrication. derived from the material used to install screens, which must be forced into place using a spliner.
Patrick didnt have any lube handy, so he had to spline her untill she bled.
by USF Rob February 24, 2006
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The word shouted as someone drives a bus though a house and off the cliff on the other side after asking the kids if they want to do to heaven.
SPLINE!... We’re goni’ to heaven.
by asa November 17, 2003
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Nonsense technobabble used in a production context.

Reticulating splines started off as an in-joke at Maxis and grew to fame with the widespread popularity of The Sims. While it does have a "real" meaning, this definition isn't actually correct in the context of its use. It's really a programming joke.

Reticulating splines is essentially filler. Don't want to describe what's holding up the program? It's reticulating splines. Why isn't the Internet working? The splines aren't reticulated. Heck, don't want to explain your calculus assignment? We're reticulating splines this week.

See also processor gremlins for the computer hardware equivalent.
Sorry the video took so long to upload. Reticulating splines took hours!
by ndm13 April 21, 2015
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