Someone who modifies thier genetic code through the use of plasmids.Will do anything for just a little bit of ADAM,the genetic material the everybody wants,and everybody needs.
"We can't be havin' splicers now,can we"
by Razastyle_blah July 18, 2008
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A male or female who's face resembles the face of a Bioshock like splicer. This involves a combination of facial attributes that make someone look weird, disturbing and sometimes even horrifying.

- 'Splicers' are usually people whom have been a little bit to commited to facial reconstruction. Resulting in a somewhat Horrifying and disturbing appearance.

- 'Splicers' can also be People who are born with those facial attributes. The ugly stick effect.

- Someone can also be refered to as a 'splicer' if they have been subjected to a beating or have been in a accident.
Example 1: Donatella Versace is a splicer.

Example 2:

Guy 1: Holy shit dude, did you see that woman over there?

Guy 2 : Nah man :/ what's up?

Guy 1: Just look at her face dude!

Guy 2: FACK!


by Gagnar May 12, 2011
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Splicer: a super-sneaky codename for of the coolest people in the world. If you call someone a Splicer, you are insinuating that they are adorable, ghetto-fabulous, CatWomanly, and an OG. Usually, Splicers have unparalleled intelligence paired with frequent loss of common sense, can sing very as a second soprano but are forced to do first, and have a J body (PB&J). Splicers also receive much unappreciated male attention, due to their adorability and many talents. Occasionally, a poem may even be written about a Splicer, because Splicers invoke such feelings in their peers and colleagues. All in all, calling someone a Splicer is the ultimate compliment.
Female: "WOW! She's gorgeous! And I heard Darrell wrote her a rap... She's suuuuch a Splicer. I wish I could be her."

First Male: "U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi you uglaaayy!"
Second Male: "Are you effin' kidding me? Have you ever MET her?"
First Male: "Uhh... Yeah... And she's so sexy. Pretty much poem-worthy. But I can't tell her that."
Second Male: "Good point."
First and Second Male: "U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi you uglaaayy!"
by Samanawich April 24, 2009
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These fucked up deformed psychos that are the result of excessive genetic modification.Usually seen wearing 50's masquerade masks.Appear in the game Bioshock.Classified by their method of attack:

Thuggish-use blunt objects to try to bludgeon you to death.

Leadhead-use pistols and machineguns.

Nitro-use various thrown explosives.

Spider-uses hooks to crawl on walls and for melee attacks or thrown.Extremely agile.

Houdini-constantly teleports,leaving behind a bloody mist,then reappears,using fire or ice plasmids.

Splicers are vulnerable to anti-personel rounds.
by Razastyle August 22, 2008
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A synonnym of asassin. One hired to kill but one that doesn't fail. Will go to extreme lengths to eliminate a target.
The splicer removed the dictator from his place of power.
by S.Vance July 25, 2006
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one who used or still uses drugs as an excuse for mistakes
jen is an alright person but shes a splicer
by steven andrew c. February 6, 2008
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You know that boss of yours who just treats you like everything you do is retarded? The 'obviously jealous of your manhood' type = Cock-Splicer/Cock Splicer/CockSplicer
That Jared sure is being a little cock splicer again isn't he?
by MrRickSpert February 13, 2016
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