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when parents get divorced, they often try to "buy" the love of the child with material gifts.

going out/spending with a friend whose parents are divorced often means you get the spillover which can include: free admission to theme parks, rides to fun places, consistently eating pizza, the newest video games and lots of stuff you like to do but couldn't afford to do on your own.
John: I played the new shooting game on all of the consoles and must say I liked it on the Xbox 360 the most

Dave: How'd you play it on all three? You don't even have one!

John: Steve's house! since his parents got divorced, his dad bought him everything! I'm getting such massive spillover!
by Not really me! April 01, 2009
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When one night's state of intoxication carries over into the following day. Can, but usually doesn't include any of the symptoms of a hangover. Detectable by abnormally loud speech, decreased motor skills and the will to continue the party. To be enjoyed.
I got hammered last night, but I feel pretty solid. Although, I think I'm still drunk. Spillover alert.
by KRES-ONE December 08, 2009
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