A hispanic, usually mexican person trying to act all black and shit. They overuse the word "nigga" in their vocabulary so much, people are surprised they're still breathing.

"Yo my nigga im so high right now roll nother blunt"

Spanish person

"Pull your pants up and stop saying nigga. Who cares if your dumbass grew up in Trenton, that don't make you black, you ignorant spigga."


"Nah nigga chill with that shit bitch"

Spanish Person

"Spiggas these days..."
by TellinDaTruth January 19, 2010
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Latino's who want to be black by acting and dressing like black peopl(urban lifestyle);

Spic + Nigga= Spigga
There's lots of Spigga's in the world, but no one cares about spigga's. People just hate WIGGAS
by AC April 23, 2004
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Coolish people who are Latins who act "Black" (listen to rap and hip hop and sag their pants) Often lived in a ghetto for a year or two but act as if it was their whole life.

Most of my friends are spiggas and i act kinda spigga
Spigga: Yo nigga what up
Spigga2: I dont know my nigga
by VhLevanta December 19, 2009
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when u a real pimp cause u got that latino and black blood runnin all round in yo body
sup spigga
just tryin to hold it down nigga
by i forgot April 28, 2005
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