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When a girl is riding you in reverse cowboy and you reach around her to stimulate her clit.
"Yeah, last night I gave her a spider monkey reach around. She loved it."
by Shortank April 06, 2013
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The phrase actually comes from an episode of Family Guy where Peter and his pals are playing the drinking game 'I never..' where each person says something like 'I never slept with Joe's wife' and each person that has done has to take a drink of whatever they are using with the game. In this episode the table is full of dozens of bottles of beer and Quagmire is noticeably hammered when struggling for any more things that Quagmire may not have done, Peter states 'I never gave a Reacharound to a Spider Monkey whilst reciting the pledge of Allegiance' and Quagmire says 'Oh come on....?' and takes another drink of his beer before collapsing on the table knocking off the bottles! That's the correct and original use of the term Reacharound or Reach Around in modern culture which is why I added this as Shortanks definition whilst it works is not the one most people will be thinking of or need reminding of by searching for it! That's how I ended up here! Search for Spider Monkey Reacharound on YouTube for exact scene!
I never gave a Spider Monkey Reach around around whilst reciting the pledge of Allegiance
by UnitedsRedArmy January 21, 2017
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