Spiceheads is a Facebook page, Twitter account and website founded and created by Captain Richard Williams aka Steven Howarth, which is dedicated to publishing photographs and videos of people who appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs.

Williams had filmed a video that he called The Crab man on the Blackpool crossing in April 2018, which had so many hits on his personal Facebook page, it inspired him to build the Spiceheads Facebook pages, Spiceheads Twitter page and Spiceheads website.

The Facebook page soon gained over 10,000 loyal followers, with a Twitter following of 57,000, by using photos and videos of people "who appeared to be under the influence of NPS (Spice)" from all over Britain, including Barnsley, Doncaster Manchester, Bolton, Sheffield and Blackpool and currently has 49,897 Facebook followers, with Twitter having 54,400 followers, as of 24/06/2020
The Spiceheads name has gained notability through google and Bing search engines, where their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages are the top 3 on page one, along with being used as the reference standard by Nottinghamshire Live News, which reported about a copycat page Spice Ed's, and said "The new site is similar to the long-established Spiceheads website, which has been educating people about related issues for a number of years"
by Mone Capitain June 24, 2020
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someone who is addicted to spice, particularly that of the scotch bonnet variety
That Nish guy is such a spicehead.. he puts En Root's Raja Bonnet Sauce on everything!!
by opisoloco June 20, 2022
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someone who thinks they smoked pot and think theyre cool cause they did but really they smoked oregano
boy 1: johnny was telling me about how he was so high last night, but he was sold oregano
Boy 2: haha that god damn spicehead he acts all cool cause he thinks hes smokin pot
by ertnsdfgdz February 22, 2010
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