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What my friend said while drunk, and trying to say sperm/semen at the same time.
I'm going to fill her up with my spemen.
by MotoX134 November 01, 2007
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semen or sperm. the stuff that comes out when a boy nuts in you.
I started to semen, or sperm, but "spemen" came out instead.

"He wasn't just smashin it, he was lettin dem spemen go!"
by Bri_baby February 17, 2008
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A mixture of two scientific words that describes a adult males seed, e.g. Sperm + Semen

Pronounced - SPEE-MEN
Guy 1: "Dave, I went into a public toilet yesterday and there was spemen everywhere"

Guy 2: "That's why I only excrete at my house"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
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