Something you can do on your naive siblings or friends in public to embarrass them.
Me: Hey sister, I dare you to spell iCup! Also yell it!

Sister: Okay.. *yells out loud* I SEE YOU PEE!!

*Everybody around us backs away*
by Winteroses February 7, 2019
When one asks another verbal mammal to spell iCup, they are attempting to humiliate said animal by getting them to speak the words: "I see you pee", to which
Mohammed Islam"Spell iCup."

Jacob Shmul "I see you pee?"

Mohammed Islam"Oh really? I thought I closed the door."
by BEE DEE REEREE February 1, 2017
It started out as a way of Playground trickery and now has spiraled to an ironic meme. With the meme often containing images of a person with lens flares for eyes and the image being saturated beyond belief with the caption "Spell Icup".
Kevin: Hey Joey!
Joey: Yeah my B?
Kevin: Spell iCup

Joey: Really?!
by UncleJerry420SwagLord February 21, 2017
The act of mockery against a certain NIBBA and making He feel uncomfortable because of his inability to spell Icup. But when He really can spell it, all surrounding NIBBAS get blown back because of dat NIBBA'S pronouncing skill. But if he don't do it, then he get beat up by his friends.
Person 1: Yo, spell Icup NIBBA
Dat Nibba: I C U P
Literally Everyone Around: Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
by nibba step the fucc back February 26, 2018
A way to get someone to spell icup. Also a dank meme.
"Hey Ron ". Ron: " Spell icup Nigga". Note:Ron is white
by Melays April 21, 2017