3 definitions by Winteroses

Something you can do on your naive siblings or friends in public to embarrass them.
Me: Hey sister, I dare you to spell iCup! Also yell it!

Sister: Okay.. *yells out loud* I SEE YOU PEE!!

*Everybody around us backs away*
by Winteroses February 7, 2019
Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing
(To your friends)
(To your enemies)
Stupid Little Unwanted Trash
(“Slut” to your friend)
Don’t worry, you’re a S.L.U.T. girl!
(“Slut” to your enemies)
Wow, you are such a S.L.U.T. bitch..
by Winteroses February 7, 2019
The main reason you’re late to school or work 24/7.
I should have gone to sleep earlier, now I’m late for work!
by Winteroses February 7, 2019