do me a favor and put some spek on Lebron's name
by tejass January 12, 2021
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A way of telling others in a videogame to stop speaking or typing in their third-world native language and rather use a more superior language to communicate.
Ingame chat user1: "Poshel ty musor ublyudok cyka blyat"
Ingame chat user2: "Spek london noob"
Ingame chat user1: "хахахахахаха"
Inhame chat user1: "Fakk you nob stupid"
by icewalla December 3, 2021
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An inbred hype-beast, who against all odds, still cannot host a party.
"You did you go to that dj spek party last night?"
"No it was fucking horrendous"
by iamdookiemonster August 21, 2021
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