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My friend is a midgit. He is also from Mexico. We call him spek.
by weezle April 02, 2003
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A strange delusional white male round the age of 15 who couldnt tell a grape from a Hebrew. Very stupid but fun to hang out with. Do Not Feed The Spek. If you do he'll keep coming bak for more and mooch you dry.
Foxx: Pick a number from 1 through ten.
Pudge: Eight-
Spek: 14!!!!
by Pudgey Wudgey April 15, 2005
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crazy ass nigga that really fukin know how to have a fuk load of fun and has huge fukin balls to back up all he says and do insane shit.

da last great spek was from dtown tx. he was one of da illest graff sawljas in da streetz wit da best fukin ideas to bomb shit and enough brown pride in his blood to achive his underground objective: be all city king

sum knew him as da boogie man and he'll always be a true graff legend in da dtown hip hop scene .... his sidekick cemone was ok too.

one remarkable citizen.
daaaaaYUM nigg' yawll neva eva be even fuk'en clawz to be like da insane spek almighty from Hillcrest st. dat nigga was real up as fuk vato. there will neva be a nigg' as throwed as him .... his side kick da cemone was ok tho.
by toy_killa December 02, 2004
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a closing for written, electronic communications. An accurate way when e-mailing, texting or when on social networks to clarify that you will be commuicating again electronically. Replaces the innacurate 'talk to you soon' with 'spe-k to you soon'
What up dude, that was fun last night, we'll have to do it again.

spe-k to you soon,
by Glenner T April 24, 2008
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