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A word often used as a derogatory term to other earthlings.
Abi: You Fucking Spef.
Morgan: What's A Spef?
Abi: WTF, You Puerile Little Human.
by KingDingaLing48 March 09, 2016
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Did you see Palin misuse the term "blood libel" when she tried to offer words of healing to the American public after the Arizona shootings? She done spef'd up!
by chow_yun_skinny January 16, 2011
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Spef is an adjective used as a quick alternative to "mong" or "fuck up"
Steven and Tom were playing pool, Tom potted the black ball on the break. Steven was pissed off as it cost 50 pence to play to vent his anger he shouted Tom you spef.
by mini me dt June 07, 2015
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