Our society's language is slowly diminishing. We went from English to Internet slang to leet to 1337 to 1337-speek to Speek.

Instead of people typing like we talk, now we talk like we type. Hard to go anywhere amongst younger people now without them saying something involving Speek.
Some examples of Speek include:
lol - "lawl(z)" - "I got 50% on my test, lawl."
pwn - "pown(zord)" - "Hah, I pwnzord that guy in the face!"
rofl - "roffle"
lmao - "ell-maow"
U R - "uhr" - "Uhr an idiot."
by Stammer 6 May 19, 2006
When people use text speak, or thumbtext on a message board, when there's no need for it, and sometimes doesn't even save letters.

Also, it's generally harder to do speek on a keyboard because you actually have to think about it.

A sure sign of stupidity.
"duz ne1 no if dat gm is cumin out dis munth?"

"Stop using speek you tool!"
by Tetzcatlipoca January 7, 2006
A mixture of a spic and a geek. Commonly found in some chat rooms on the Ares filesharing system.
SirToneh is a total speek.
by Toneh January 5, 2007
The abomination by usually Filipino youths of the Tagalog Language. Characterized by code-switching,deletion of letters,complete inversions of letters, and basically anything that would fuck a language up.

Think NigBonics + CrackBonics + WhyteL33t x Foreignify =Flip Speek

ganto xe un,...mei gf me..kso ang arte arte nia in all ways..alm nmn nia ung mga ayaw at gs2 ko. ayw na ayaw ko tlg ng maarteng tao. alm nia lht un. kso ung iba gngwa pa dn nia. gya n lng pg dating sa pananamit, ayw ko ng sexy na damit kso minsan sinusuway nia. pasaway tlg e! pti sa pag gamit ng make ups! sb ko ayw ko sa gf ung maxadong may make-up sa muka, pro minsan gngwa pa dn nia. nkkaswa na dn kc minsan. pa uulit ulit n lng. tska, feeling ko di nia ko kayang i-prioritize... hayy! wat can i do ba..

I'm just like you.... I have notta clue what that says.
by Xmoon June 28, 2006
commonly refered to as 733+ 533|<

the writing of words and phrases using all non-letters.
1)/|/|1|2|20|2 /|/|1|2|20|2 0/|/ 73# |/|/411, |/|/#0 15 73# 1337357 0|= 7#3/|/| 411 (leet speek)

Mirror mirror on teh wall, who is teh leetest of them all(normal speek)

2)\/\/00+(leet speek)

woot(normal speek)
by Menlo Park October 20, 2005
A shorter term for “speaker”. Typically used in a phone related sentence.
Hey Aidan put that call on “speek”.
by LaCearne November 24, 2022