A person who drives extremely fast no matter where they're at.
Mom: Neil you're driving to fast slow down!
Neil: MOM! Let me drive because you know when Hector be driving like a speed demon and you dont say nothing!
by datdanny March 25, 2012
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Kickass free plugin for WordPress software that makes your website load a shit-ton faster.
CEO: Can someone ask DevOps why our WordPress site is loading slow AF?

Marketing: Let's just install Speed Demon cuz its free and the IT guys will never admit how crappy the server is anyway.
by jessuppi November 2, 2018
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A person who tries extremely hard during practice. This teammate will exert all of their energy by sprinting, to "one up" someone else to lead the group. This will happen at appropiate and inappropitate times. When somebody takes part in this act, the other teammates tend to get aggravated. When a person is a speed demon during practices. Doesn't necessarily mean he or she is the best or fastest in the team; just means they practices intensely. This word is used in a neggative way.
let the speed demon go first
by higgssss July 22, 2010
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A person who loves any of the major stimulant drugs, such as amphetamine, meth, cocaine, etc.

Speed demons all pretty much end up in the same place; dead, jail, or or on the streets. For some it can take just months, for others it can take years.
Jacks such a speed demon, hes always lookin for some meth to shoot. Hell prolly be dead or as good as dead in a year.

John loves the rush from amphetamines. He does speed bombs once every couple of weeks. Seems manageable enough now, but its slowly taking control of him.
by addyAddict June 2, 2009
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a person with MNS and goes to school even though he cant work. slobbers alot

also someone who drives fast
god thats a real speed demon

by institona December 8, 2003
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Is someone who likes to do everything in the fast last even there love life just wants to get it over and done with as quick as they can, also into taco cheese.
thats it its, all over in a sec, is that the best you can do speed demon
by jabbas back February 23, 2009
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