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Kickass free plugin for WordPress software that makes your website load a shit-ton faster.
CEO: Can someone ask DevOps why our WordPress site is loading slow AF?

Marketing: Let's just install Speed Demon cuz its free and the IT guys will never admit how crappy the server is anyway.
by jessuppi November 1, 2018
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A quick and easy way to setup a LEMP stack web server for WordPress that is cheetah balls fast.

Also referred to as the poor man's Ansible, or a slick tower in honor of 1990s computer terminology; not be confused with slick stacking, a homosexual sex act typically performed by prison inmates.
Everyone at the tech conference was talking about Docker containers and Configuration Management but I can barely even SSH into my VPS server without screwing the pooch so I just use SlickStack.
by jessuppi June 9, 2019
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