Describes a person who is socially awkward. often associated with autism or asperger's syndrome.
"That bloke is really geeky, and he never makes eye contact"

"Yeah, totally - I've always thought he was a bit spectral."
by Steve (Its a real drag) KB August 29, 2017
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A combination of inserting something with a gas or vapour-like substance up an human anus
What to do spectral, Honey?
by Jeff thomas October 16, 2013
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the most beutiful girl (for her simp) in the world
she had around 40brainless simps by being stupid
Brainless boy Boy : omg its Milky in Spectral i like how stupid she is
Milky in Spectral : ty
by PYCXL the best author May 1, 2022
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the 2nd best discord server in the world

PYCXL and Milky in Spectral is there
Boy : let me downlaod discord
Girl : join Spectral Realm or i will break up with you
by PYCXL the best author May 1, 2022
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When the protagonist dons 1980's-style wraparound sunglasses with Neon-sides and flourescent-tinted lenses and proceeds to jerk off into a ladle.
A proper Spectral Jackhammer should be preformed while listening to "One Night in Bangkok!"
by Jam Batterson December 30, 2009
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The opposite of dichotomous thinking. It is a term used by people who are recovering from thinking in black-and-white terms and finally start looking at things in general from a broader perspective, hence producing a ‘spectrum’ of thoughts.
“That dude finally started spectral thinking after years of believing food can either be only excellent or shit.”
by BigNibba6969andUwU June 13, 2021
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The opposite of a paper tiger, one who appears weak but is inwardly strong.
I thought that kid was a nerd, but when I asked for his lunch money- he broke my nose; what a true spectral tiger!
by The Wise OG December 8, 2013
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