A chaotic conglomeration of worksheets, assholes, substitute teachers, and empty threats.
Friend- "What'd'ya do in spanish class?"
Me- "Survived"

" s P a N i S h T e A c H e R" - "Shut up and work on your paper or we won't finish watching Drake and Josh!"
by Vladimir the Chadimir April 19, 2018
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probably the worst class. a double period for some but feels like a whole day. very confusing very annoying. normally spent doodling and ripping up paper. all you can think about is when you will no longer have to take spanish
yo my cat died and we had to bury it ourselves.
yeah but I have Spanish class
oh shit dude yeah that's way worse
by emnothanks February 7, 2020
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jessica: what class do you have next chris?
chris: hell

jessica: what?
chris: oh, that’s just what i call spanish class
by tiredrock October 21, 2021
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