Spaghetti Dinner refers to the recruitment meetings of cults.

In places like Universities, you will be offered to come to Spaghetti Dinner. There, they will start telling you about their cult and try to convince you to come back.

The spaghetti will probably be laced with drugs intended to render you unconscious, or make you more receptive to their Doomsday predictions.

If you refuse to join, you'll probably wake up in a bath tub with a scar from where they removed your kidney.
Hey John, come to our Spaghetti Dinner! It's free!

No thanks, man, I don't want to wake up missing my liver.
by The Dear Leader October 9, 2019
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When you go down on a guy, but he's got a thin dick and it's like slurping up some spaghetti with a side of meatballs
Mom: How was your date with David last night?

Sarah: Not the best, I had a spaghetti dinner.
by Whyareyousofuckingweird March 24, 2018
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Synonym for the painful feeling around your rectum that occurs from having swamp ass for long pieriods of time. Presumed to be caused by the moistening of the rectal area and the subsequent softening of the skin caused by moistening. The hair around the rectum acts as fine grit sand paper and eats away the skin little by little giving one the feeling that he is hopelessly being fucked in the ass with a pack of raw spaghetti. In severe cases this can lead to bleeding in the area resembling spaghetti sauce. The most common medicine is a pair of compression shorts.
me- Brandon why weren't you at football practice today?
Brandon- I wore a jock strap instead of my compressions and it feels like someone fucked me in the ass with a pack of raw spaghetti. SEVERE spaghetti dinner.
by speargun March 26, 2010
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What you get when you go down on a girl during her period.
"Not tonight, honey; it's that time of the month."
"No problem, baby. I love spaghetti."
by stullberg January 28, 2004
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