Instead of conducting methodical troubleshooting of a problem, you just try random stuff to see what works. Similar to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it is al dente yet.
Those idiots at the Spectrum help desk just keep spaghetti testing my cable modem instead of fixing it.
by Pheecees December 14, 2021
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A test in which you throw moist panties against a wall and/or ceiling. If stuck, she has successfully passed the test and is DTF. If it does not stick, continue foreplay and repeat test every 5~7 minutes as necessary.
"Give me your panties, I need to conduct the Spaghetti Test"
"Bro, I couldn't get her to pass the Spaghetti Test so I had to leave."
by JEpher July 2, 2015
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To test a questionable concept by taking it forward to see if it passes or fails.

From the practice of throwing cooked spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks and thus fully cooked and ready to eat.
The unpaid intern passed the spaghetti test when he satisfactory performed the job even though he was not qualified to do so.
by billthecat February 9, 2010
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