The only food real dank memesters eat. Especially DANK DORITOS and KINKY FUCKERY WHORES. We run on this shit boii spaghetti O's make the hoes wweeettt
LONG DICK MAN: Spaghetti O's are pretty good
Hoes: OOhhh I'm wet
by bootleg_doritos April 9, 2017
A type of food that tards, especially Melissa, enjoy. Also, they have been known to spend all of their money obtaining tins of it to consume cold.
"I DON'T CARE! I LOVE SPESGHETTI-OS! Um...spaghetti-os....yeah."
by Krista November 18, 2003
The eloquent squeeze of Heinz ketchup down the shaft of a penis or phallic item after anal entry, prior to vaginal. Being sure to coat the scrotum because you can’t leave out the meatballs. Causing a large “spaghetti-o” type ring.
After the Chiefs win, I gave my ol gal a nice Kansas Spaghetti-o in celebration!

She looked at me with that spaghetti-o face!
by Adultish September 16, 2021
When she's on her period but you continue to smash and it gets bloody and squishy.
Damn it was like a Spaghetti-O Pussy last night.
by Matt-Morgan9000 January 10, 2017
An exclamation made after the realization one has fucked up beyond repair.
Dude, I just shot your mom! Uh-oh Spaghetti-oh's
by Liam Waterbottom November 18, 2003
Take a cup and put a couple shots of vodka in it. Then open a can of spaghetti O's, turn it upside down and slam the bottom of it so all the O's go in the cup, and then slam it down your throat.
Man i tried the spaghetti O slammer last night, i didn't even get close to finishing.
by Scot Coleman November 16, 2008
(N.) Homer Simpson's (II) Catch phrase in the short-lived Fox Dramedy, "Police Cops." Originally, a suave, stereotypical Policeman, Homer Simpson (II) was retooled into a fat, bumbling, Chris-Farley-esque doofus, who's catchphrase was always "Uh-Oh-Spaghetti-O's!" which was taken from the pasta of the same name.
Homer: "I just helped out in the Toys-for-Guns program."
Chief: "Homer! It's Guns-For-Toys!"
Homer: "Uh-oh spaghetti-o's"
by G-Union November 25, 2003