A total state of chaos. Disorganization. Lack of clear focus or direction.
John’s room is a total spaghetti bowl. Cindy was saying some crazy shit. What a spaghetti bowl that was. Finally, That government program is so convoluted—an entire spaghetti bowl
by TalkTalker May 3, 2022
An elusive, high-power, internet marketing traffic strategy developed by James Schramko
I am going to use my spaghetti bowl to get to the top of Google for 'awesome'
by soggyfish April 1, 2011
The act of sucking/slurping out strands of spaghetti from an arsehole.
Dude, she spaghetti bowled me so hard, the spaghetti was overflowing!
by Natiloon October 23, 2017
A crazy highway road that consists of many loops and forks from exit ramps.
There's so much traffic by the spaghetti bowl on route 9.
by Cts1209 April 24, 2017