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The act of not paying attention, daydreaming, or doing something completely stupid or bogus.
Kelly:Girl our teacher gave us a ten page paper to do by Monday.
Shonda: Dang she is spacin.
by Apiphany I. December 21, 2008
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The act of being logged onto Myspace.
comrade 1: Was rockin cuddy! whachu up to right now?

comrade 2: Im spacin' ma dude.
by "Kamikoner" December 15, 2007
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Ultimate level of chill. Zoning out of the world and focusing on one thing. Feeling successful in life. High.
"Aye man why aren't you responding back?"
"Sorry bruh, I was spacin ' out."
"I'm spacin ' right now and I dont want anybody over."
"Got me movies and snacks so im finna be spacin ' to the maximum."
by PoloKidd June 06, 2012
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When you are between concious and unconcious, being half awake.
John: Dude what's wrong with Matt?
Dennis: I think he's spacin right now give him a minute.
by I do carloans June 12, 2013
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