3 definitions by I do carloans

It's short for secure additional funding. Option B is to secure additional funding.
I need my car fixed but I really don't have the money for it rn. Welp, time for option b.
by I do carloans August 4, 2019
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When you are between concious and unconcious, being half awake.
John: Dude what's wrong with Matt?
Dennis: I think he's spacin right now give him a minute.
by I do carloans June 12, 2013
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Very low budget rap artists. They don't have much money but pretend like they do. They make it look like they have a lot of money buy stealing green screens from rich people.
Chad: Isn't Trinidad James in black productions?
Kevin: Of course he is. In what universe would he have that much money?
by I do carloans March 30, 2013
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