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A person who is prone to casual daydreaming, devil-may-care carelessness and forgetfulness. For most purposes, the word is synonymous with stoner.
'Gary forgot to bring those gauzes into uni AGAIN today.'
'Jesus, what a spacer!'
by Dough-Planet February 03, 2008
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the screen that musicians use over the mic so it is clearer
yo dawg how much was your mic and spacer
by Vibez July 12, 2005
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Things that go into your ears that make the hole in them larger.They come in various sizes.14gauge - 12gauge-10gauge - 8gauge - 6gauge up to 00gauge. Usually used by scene kids.
Person 1: Yo ! Guess What?
Person 2: What ?
Person 1: The Spacers in my ear are now 00 gauge
Person 2: Awesome !
by xx.mounir.xx March 22, 2007
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A non-alcoholic drink consumed between alcoholic drinks, intended to limit intoxication. A "spacer" will often be disguised as an alcoholic drink.
Bartender: Another vanilla vodka with diet coke ma'am?

Girl: No no, I'm getting pretty drunk. I think I need a spacer.
by mctrent June 05, 2010
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Water or other hydrating beverage (Coors Light) that you drink between booze to avoid getting too drunk to fast and to be able to last all day. Best use of spacers would be at an all day drink-fest like Havasu.
She's been drinkin' vodka tonics all afternoon and gettin' a little toasty. Time for "SPACERS"!
by Amanda_Oc October 23, 2008
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Someone who is addicted to MySpace and all he/she talks about is MySpace. See MySpace whore.
Dude, you haven't showered in a week and you've been one MySpace forever. Stupid ass spacer.

some scene kid: OMG! I <3 MYSPACE! It's like crack!
Me: stfu you damn spacer. They aren't even really your friends
by Cerpin Taxxt October 28, 2006
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