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A state of mental authority (and popularity) that one receives in the ghetto after completing several tasks that one would consider tough or impossible, but very rewarding.

It is one of the highest ranks in the nigga kingdom, followed by galaxy nigga and universe nigga.

The title of "THE Space Nigga" is currently held by a south Florida man, who has achieved the title by having sexual intercourse with a bitch at a party, went outside with his junk hanging out, changed his condom and yelled out "Round two bitch!", just before entering the room and closing the door.

He has then given the title of "Space Nigga General" to four of his trusted foot soldiers.

It is rumored that The Space Nigga is planning to consume a large portion of the worlds weed to transcend into an almost god-like state of mind, and thus become "The Galaxy Nigga". He has already chosen who will become "The Space Nigga" In the time of his evolution or assassination.

The lore of The Nigga kingdom is similar to that of Star Wars. As of 2007, the Space Nigga Empire has been i na constant and violent war with any and all House Niggas.
D-Rock was awarded the Medal of True Niggas by THE Space Nigga for successfully taking over a local "House Nigga" Base.
by Space Nigga Association March 28, 2008
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n. Space Nigga

The Klingons or any other 'non cracker' race in Startrek.

It is most commonly refered to by gangsta treckies, who have deep respect for Klingons, and their sense of honor/values
Worf is one of the baddest Space Niggas I know of...

man, that guy is actin like one of those space niggas
by Saven Rilentus July 07, 2004
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what black people call aliens, usually when they are flipping out and blowing up the ghetto with lasers.

hey mamma them space niggas is straight going bookoo bonkas up in here
by yea bro August 09, 2007
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