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The home of drip drop hip hop. Everyone dresses and talks like they're from an american ghetto. They don't like their own culture so they pick up the styles of black people in the USA.

They say theyre poor and got no opportunities because they "can't afford shoes for their children" but you go in they house and you see a big ass motherfuckin TV with some special channel thing that lets you watch more tv programs and the kids playing playstation 2!

The dominant gang in south auckland is the "ruthless" killerbees. They are so tough that they like to wear yellow and black clothes to look like a real bee and post pictures of themselves posing on bebo.Most of new zealands well known crap artists come from here and they like to make up some shit about how they went from rags to riches, fags to bitches.

Another thing you gotta "watch out for"/ look at and laugh at are the "street kids" who stand on the corner atleast 2hours a day until their shifts over and go back inside to attack people (on bebo).

Really, i shouldn't diss. It's a ok place which is jacked up to be alot worse than it is by the media. There may be alot of grafiti that people cant be fucked painting over (really, they like it because it gifs them the "G EFFECT"), and alot of people live in state houses, but it pisses you off to come to a place and hear people talkin like bad asses that they see on COPS, when they really need to visit a real ghetto. - New Zealand is ranked the safest place in the world!

Person from another NZ city: "I was gonna move there, but i see all this bad shit being said about south auckland"


Person from another NZ city: "Wow, you must be tough, the way you talk... Even if I had enough money i wouldnt go to south auckland because you ruthless gangsters might shoot me with your BB guns or attack me on my bebo page!!!"
by Hector Ricardo October 07, 2009
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(pro. nou.) (geo) a scourge on the face of Auckland. The ghetto of New Zealand, where all the wankstas (wannabe ganstas) hang at. Although recently, there has been a rise in the number of real gangstas, accompanied by a rise in murders and thefts. Synonymous with shithole. May be used likewise.

Occasionally you get a few scholars out of there. FUCKYEAHWAT!?
"At least them gangstas in South Auckland don't go rapin' twelve year olds.. like they do in Australia."

"Man, they had to tape off the boy's toilets after i was done pulling shit outta South Auckland. Woah, that's a nasty smell."
by mildred the awesome May 27, 2008
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