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Someone you feel a special type of bond with because it doesn't take much for them to be considered one of your closest friends. It can be someone you least expect it to be like a person who just recently walked into your life. You might not know what it is about this person that makes them so special, but you know that deep down you cherish having them in your life. Somehow they know how to get the best out of you and make you get the best out of yourself. Even if this person isn't constantly present in your life you'll find that the both of you always somehow stay relevant to each other whether you like it or not. Basically a soul-mate without the romance, because sometimes romance just makes you want to vomit.
"Who needs a soul-mate when I have you, my dear soul-friend?"

"If we're both not married by the time we're 35, let's turn this soul-friendship into a soul-marriage and have a soul-family and a soul-dog. I like pugs."
by xoxoGossipGuy January 14, 2018
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a forever friend. you can talk to them about anything and everything for hours on end without getting bored and it will seem as if it's only been a few minutes. they understand each other.soul friends are friends that will never be separated and are meant to be friends. soul friends are a pile of awesomeness that people wish they were. soul friends have friendship goals af.
Mer: I'm so glad i found my soul friend !

Genny: I'm so glad I found you too!
by singingpenguin November 02, 2014
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When your Soulmate doesn't see you that way, "He or She" sees you more like a Soul Friend
And She/He still waiting for Her/His Soulmate to show up one day, when you have been there all along.
So basically your Soul gets put in the Friend Zone, or Souls Friend Zone if you will.
The saddest part if you think about it, is that Soul Friendships last for eternity, so this is the definition of the worst kind of hell for that poor Soul that has been friend zoned forever, through infinite lifetimes and to the end of eternity.
Alice "did you hear about Jim?"
Steve "no, what happen?"
Alice "His Soulmate, Friend zoned him"
Steve "Damn! I though that being friend zoned was the worst thing that it can happen to a person, but that only lasts one lifetime.
But being Soul Friend takes this shit to a whole new level, that shit is for eternity"
by Dragonuy November 17, 2017
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Friends that stick with each other for life, through thick and thin. Friends that would die for each other. It's like Soul Mates but not as cheesy.
by Vuzilla August 21, 2013
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two friends that have such a deeply bonded friendship they seem meant to be.
they share thoughts, ideas, and usually have psychic abilities between each other. they tend to be able to finish one another's thoughts or sentences.
soul friends don't fight and tend to have simliar body parts.
They never miss each other's matter what.
they also sometimes may sound alike.
I think Christine and Drea share a brain because they are always coming up with the same ideas. I think they must be soul friends.
by Christine Marie December 05, 2007
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A soulfriend is someone you mind giving your last piece of chicken to, but you give it them anyway. Its someone who you also consider your sister. Someone who doesnt mind that your messed. Someone you rely on. Someone you moan with about random shizz. Someone you dont even have to say 'dont tell anyone' cause they just wont anyways. Someone who knows you better than anyone else. Someone whose always there, when needed or not ha. Someone you write a huge paragraph for cause you love them. Someone who likes cheese and chocolate. Someone who has a big head and bigger hair. Someone who steals your laptop. Someone whose mum says thankyou alot. Someone you reply first to on fb chat even though its something stupid like hvkjhzjdhf. Somene who called you a soulmate at first, as they didnt realise. Someone who makes you laugh, when others make you cry. Someone who will say weird things that maybe normal people shouldnt say, but dont even think twice about it. Someone who explains sex like the oaky koaky and dances and sings it in a bus stop on a very windy and rainy day, just to make you happy :)! Someone who likes to say JUST FOLD IT IN HALF. Someone who im gonna stop typing shizz about. And just say i love my soulfriend a hell of a lot and you better like this. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

btw i probs made mistakes, they are on purpose;)

erm yeah my soulfriend.
by laurenbethiak February 03, 2011
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two friends that have the same shoes, shirt, pants, and the same mind. they have everything in common. more than likely their names begin in M and L. They are probably blonde, too. They do everything together and talk about everything. They finish each others sentences, are completely open with eachother, they talk about sex while holding hands in the school hallways very loudly while ghetto people walk by and watch. They do the stupidest stuff but laugh anyways. They are dumb together. and they meow.
Misty - Your my soul mate!
Laila - No misty, we're not gay. We're soul friends!
by lailamisty January 11, 2010
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