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A beautiful, loyal woman, who always stays true to her friends. If you ever need help, whatever she is doing, she'll drop everything to be there. Someone you need in your life.
Friend 1: I had a rough night.
Friend 2: Do you need a Soteria?
Friend 1: Yeah, I need one in my life.
by babes7626 November 16, 2011
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A girl who is loyal and a good friend to her friends people turn against her for dumb reasons she is hella sweet people just take advantage of her because she always have food&Money and willing to buy her friends whatever she wants. Soteria carry around bills. She is very into fashion loves purses and shoes and colorful things most likely a Soteria favorite color be Blue or Purple. Soteria is loving and sweet anyone would be lucky to date her. Or be her friend for the ones who don't like her nor hang with her... Too sad too bad because they would never find people like Soteria.
I need a Soteria right now!! I need cash!! I need help my life is falling apart without her!!!
by ANONYSM13 June 04, 2018
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