Soosh is a sick fucking kunt and that’s all that’s needs to be said.
by waaary February 18, 2021
Andrey- Dude, wanna get some soosh?
James- The hell is that?
Andrey- The abbreviation for sushi. Didn't you read the definition?

James- Okay I can see it now. And yeah, sure. How about Saturday at 12?
by DianeJamesFan00 September 18, 2016
A term describing an individual who exhibits, by way of actions or speech, characteristics of cuteness and/or a child-like adorable persona.
Duh! She came over and baked me a cake tonight. What a little soosh!
Look at your little feet walking down the trail. What a little soosh you are!
That was such a soosh thing to say!
by CGOO August 20, 2010
/noun/ definition: a better word to call sushi
“Just sit down and relax and eat some soosh
by Unknown_person124 May 7, 2022
Soosh is a person who has achieved great success in life and made his/her family and friends proud.
Josh recently got his graduation certificate with flying colours, and his mom says to him "Josh, you really made us proud son. You're a real Soosh"
by CinnamonRoll7 July 4, 2021
Is a play on words from Street Fighter, is said after Akuma uses his special move, is usually used under the context to make fun of someone who over plays that terrible game
Dude, im so sick of listening to that game, ill Soosh this, shindouken that. Play a real game like Halo or something
by Sally McMacken December 22, 2009
1) To let out frustration
2) To call something lame or foul

Yo guy, that's soosh!

Yo, you being soosh with me?

Wow (pause) soosh....
by joel a.p. April 27, 2009