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Sonika: (So-nee-ka)
A true beauty. This name not only defines a person, but it also defines a way of life. Being a Sonika, you have gone through so many life experiences and a lot of heartbreak. It takes you a long time to heal emotionally, but you are a strong woman. Sonikas are always great to be around. They are great friends and will keep any secret. Sonikas are the kind of girl that will always listen to what you have to say. They are very observant of their surroundings and are usually quiet when meeting the first time. A Sonika would go to great lengths to be sure that everyone is happy. She is sexy in every way. If you meet a Sonika she will surely take your breath away. Being in a relationship with a Sonika is simple but fun. She is AMAZING in the bedroom, shes so good she'll make your toes curl. She cares a lot for the one she loves, never let her go. Sonikas are honest. She will say anything that's on her mind, you like it or not. Sonika is very artistic. She draws, paints, sings, and even writes. Sonikas are amazing in every way.
Aweh, Sonika is amazing, I love her!
by Kapow223 December 29, 2011
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A girl who reads your message from their notifs. Then, properly 'sees' it a week later and still ignores you.

Person A: She probably read my message from her notifs last week.
(1 week later)
Person A: She saw my message, but still didn't reply.
Person B: What a Sonika!
by CatatonicJohnDoe December 28, 2016
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