vz hɪm ˈsʌmθɪŋ tu du

1. Doing something primarily and solely because you're bored and have absolutely nothing else to do.

2. Keeping yourself busy

3. An explanation to why you're doing something random,stupid, or mindlessly repetitive.

-Cousins to the popular phrase "Gives ME something to do".

-First coined by PcMasterRace on "Robert's Space Industries" but made popular by Mafioso. Soon to be meme'd and repeated by Comrade Astro.
Monroe: We throw pieces of erasers across the room and try to hit our friends then look away before they could realize who threw it.
Randy: Why TF do you guys do that?
Monroe: idk it gives us something to do

Kenny: Why on earth is kalen sitting on the floor indian style hitting his balls repeatedly with a ball-Peen hammer?
Denny: Idk I guess it gives him something to do
by AfterTheTone December 12, 2020
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a habit one has recently acquired.
mother: Joseph, stop interrupting. I don't like this something you've learnt to do so well lately. This habit won't get you anywhere in life.

Joseph: go scratch yourself. I will not stop interrupting, just because you want me to.
by sexydimma May 28, 2012
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