(Suhm - fukshīt)

The attempt or success in fornicating with the significant other of a peer in which you have favorable relations. And refusal by said S.O. to approach the confidant.
Before altercation...

Tanner: Suck our cocks

After altercation...

Johnnie: I heard you tried to fuck my girl
Tanner: Yeah, what of it?
Johnnie: Ah ha ha. You had me there! Good one boiiii!

Skylar (the gf): What the shitty tit.... that was some fuckshit
by UnSaFe August 30, 2019
When your boyfriend of almost a year doesn't trust you even after you have shown a YEAR straight of growth and change for him. He believes everyone and anyone else of any negative Fuckshit there is. And has no evidence to back up that it's the truth. He flies off the handle calling you all sorts of names and that's fuxk shit. He keeps secrets from you and ignores you when you need him the most.
Ain't that some Fuckshit?!

Kevin why are you doing all these Fuckshit ass things?

Well ain't that some Fuckshit!
by Ac3ofH3artzz May 10, 2022