2 definitions by UnSaFe

When one stuffs a large cylindrical object, that may or may not be connected to a male pelvis, down one's throat
Jessica: OMG Brittney did you shlang Dave's neck last night?
Brittney: OMG you bet I did shlang the shit out of that neck!

Shlang neck: Is to succ on one's penis which has erectile dysfunction
by UnSaFe October 25, 2018
(Suhm - fukshīt)

The attempt or success in fornicating with the significant other of a peer in which you have favorable relations. And refusal by said S.O. to approach the confidant.
Before altercation...

Tanner: Suck our cocks

After altercation...

Johnnie: I heard you tried to fuck my girl
Tanner: Yeah, what of it?
Johnnie: Ah ha ha. You had me there! Good one boiiii!

Skylar (the gf): What the shitty tit.... that was some fuckshit
by UnSaFe August 30, 2019