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1) Sex Goddess. she is also one of the kindest and most determined people in the world, Heart full of gold. a Nice derriere, but chooses to sometimes cover it up. Modest yet mysterious. She doesn't give a damn what you think...and that is truly a beautiful thing. shes a Rare thing to come by. Would be a great wife, has a good sense of Humour. Wouldn't mind geting down and dirty in order to have some fun.

2) Promiscuous. incredibly talented in Bed. A totally amazing woman! plays fair. Enjoys all positive, hates negative, but usually sees the world for how it really runs. A big romantic and dreamer. can be sneaky and yet mysterious.Very down to earth with a sensual side. Easily entreated and full of pep. Likes to get things done. Loves children.

3)Sensuality personified with a mysterious demeanor that makes her magnetic. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder...I behold a uniqueness, a complexity that is enigmatic and utterly captivating.

Someone with whom I'd find interest in her deeper thought processes and yet enjoy just hanging out with...just to see what she might do or say next?

4)the most beautiful, sweetest, hardworking, and sexiest person alive. one of a kind.
solvieg . A girl who while seemingly sweet and innocent is truly very sexual and independent. Shes a one of a kind gal.
by Cocos word June 07, 2011
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