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The coolest and most awesome person ever to live in the universe. She is pretty, smart and fantastic over all.
Whhaaaaaaattt?!?! That's Soleh?? She's sooooo awesome!!
by Hippopotamus February 09, 2015
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Usually a name given to a female. Soleh is a cool human being and easy to be around. They can be very nice to people that treat her the same. DONT ANGER THE SOLEH THOUGH. THEY MAY LOOK FRIENDLY BUT THE BITE! HARD. Soleh also lie alot! The lie when there is no reason to lie. Just to lie. The are also very manipulative so watch your backs. Oh and very muderous they might not look it but they think it. Otherwise Solehs are nice with bright smiles and beautiful bodies. You'll be lucky to have one as your friend or mate.
Soleh she's a bitch
I heard she killed way soleh she's the sweetest girl I know
Soleh cut off my balls when she found out I cheated on her!
by Aaliyah Spocks April 15, 2018
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