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Completely committed, devoted, invested and engaged to a cause. To have no reserves about the decision you are making. To be willing to go anywhere, do anything and give up everything in order to achieve your goal by any means necessary.
Martin Luther King Jr. was sold out for the civil rights movement.
Michael Jordan was sold out to becoming a great basketball player.
Gandhi was sold out to his protest.
In order to win in the Olympics, you need to be sold out to training hard.
If you want to finish Med School, you need to be sold out in your internship.
The Apostle Paul was Sold Out in his missionary work
by Justin Martyr November 22, 2011
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When crappy bands choose to sign to a major label and further ruin their music. Rarely is this a good thing.
Good Charlotte, man they sold out.
by shraps February 19, 2004
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Apparently people do not know the real meaning of "sold out"

Sold out is when a person promises you something then backs out. That person is then a sell out.
Hey man, you was suspose to ride with us. Can't believe you sold out.

What a fucking sell out, you was suspose to give me them gold clubs

You are sold out because it is cold out!
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
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A fate worse than death that both Google, youtube and many other sites have suffered.
Selling out to AD's, sponsors and copyright companies all for the sake of money slowly killing the internet.
Google (1998) No AD's, sponsored virus links safe and fast browsing.
Google (2010)
Billions of AD's, slow and ugly.
Same with youtube.
Sold out!
by le penis head February 26, 2010
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when someone promises you something and then doesn't do it, or when they say they will do something/hang with you/ speak to you, then just go and bum off another more interesting person

i.e selling you out.
student1: hang with me at break yeah?
student2: sure thing see you then

student1 catches student2 hanging with student3.

student2: sold out piece of shit.
by u7654erdsfgt October 21, 2009
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Its what alot of people say to bands that have a bigger audience then 1 million, if they MAKE MONEY making their music= sell out :/ while in reality every band in HISTORY started out to make MONEY while playing music.. THAT WAS THE POINT OF STARTING OUT U BIG DUMB SHITS
LImp bizkit sold out , becouse they became popular, while in fact they were just doing what anyone can really do and its play their shit for everyone.
by maximus March 05, 2004
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