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The term refers to using a magnifying lens or fresnel lens to lite a bowl or bong of Marijuana. Instead of a lighter, use a magnifying glass. By positioning the lens at the right spot between the bowl and the sun, you can smoke your herb without inhaling the nasty butane chemicals associated with lighters.

There are benefits to smoking the solar way. First and foremost is taste. Secondly,a Solar Bowl burns clean and tasty to the end and you can get green hits right up to the last toke. Thirdly, by moving the beam of sunlight around the surface of the nugget at the right speed, you can actually vapourize the bud very effectively.

Solar bowl puffing is also very efficient. A bowl smoked with the solar method goes much farther, due to the fact that you are not torching the entire bowl with a huge flame. You are simply “vaporizing” one little spot with an intense beam of light. A bowl smoked with the solar method goes around at least twice as many times as a bowl smoked with a lighter.

Another benefit of solar bowl puffing is that the wind is no longer an issue as the wind becomes irrelevant when you smoke using the solar method.
Person A: Lets go do some Solar Bowls out in the fresh air

Person B: Hell yeah, toking with the power of the sun!
by TheMadBonger March 27, 2007
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