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A god. Best thing to ever happen on the Avatar universe and one of the biggest reasons why the show is so awesome.
Sokka: Drink cactus juice! It'll quench your thirst. It's the quenchiest. Nothing's quincehier!

Sokka: Crossing an area filled with small volcanoes We'll have to be fast but careful.

Sokka takes a step, a volcano goes off in front of him.Sokka yelps

Aang: How was that careful?

Sokka: I was wrong. We need to be fast, careful and lucky.

Aang: This is Appa. My flying bison.

Sokka: Right. And this is Katara, my flying sister.
by fansk April 06, 2011
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1.)Older brother to Katara on Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show on Nickelodeon. The self-proclaimed "meat and sarcasm" guy.

2.)Essentially the unoffical pimp of the world within this afforementioned television show.
1.) Sokka usually ends up in humorous mishaps on "Avatar".

2.)Fans of the show try to place wagers on the ladies Sokka will end up pairing with, but they're never fully sure cuz he's that pimptastic.
by a. bamma December 02, 2006
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One of the central characters of Avatar: the Last Airbender. A young Southern Water tribe warrior, his mother was killed in a Fire Nation raid, and his father left to assist the Earth Kingdom when he was young. Unlike Aang and the others, Sokka is not a bender, but has shown that he is a competent warrior and an even better strategist. Sokka is often used for comic relief at times and has a somewhat comical and sarcastic personality.
by shirosaki December 03, 2006
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A character from the Nickolodeon Hit show Avatar the last airbender.

He is known for shattering everyones optimistic beliefs with his cold unfeeling logic and cynicism.
EXP. Sokka: "wait so you want me to believe that firebenders, a race of flame manipulating conqurers are going to just accept a banished prince as firelord and not try to kill us?."
Sokka:"seriously mr. hide from a hurricane underwater?"
Katara:"suki likes the plan.
Sokka:"so you guys wing it with magical captain planet powers while i come up with a plan on par with the trojan horse, like always?"
Toph:"of course"
Sokka:"you know what im joining the fire nation!, they already use half my inventions even though they bend, unlike you all"
Sokka:"plus your the last airbender how could you restore balance whe the avatar cycle is ends with you?"
Aang:"But me and katara..."
Sokka:"Air and water make sparkling water not more air, plus your a monk you cant do that your mystical air bison god will like eat you or whatever.
Sokka:(sokka pulls out a handcannon and blasts and with a cannon ball) "yea i created guns you like that aang HUH?"

(Aang lies in his special brew of "tomato sauce")

Sokka:" by the way i told azula where to find us and gave her the blueprints for this.
Toph:"how could you?
Sokka:"one she's the new firelord, two she's the only other genius in the who isn't old or a dude."
Zuko:"I wont let you do this!"

(lightning bolt hits Zuko)

Sokka:"And that whould be my Old Lady, Peace Out Peeps!"
by Oolong Dao January 06, 2010
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john learnt how to swear in russian so he went up to the teacher and said sokka you mr goebal
by mississipi queen February 01, 2010
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