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This person is always cool. He is hilarious & will always make you laugh even if it is the most serious of times. He may earn the jealousy of many people, but will always be liked by all because of his muscular physique, smiling face and mysterious eyes which are always hard to read. He is a great guy to hang out with... a person you can always trust and adore.
you are so hilarious... you are such a soham!
by leatv123a September 22, 2017
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An Indian guy. Whenever they see something amusing, they burst into hyperventilations of laughter. You can pick them of the crowd with their do or die attitude. But sometimes are in danger of being too overconfident, and obsessively competitive. If you get too close you are in danger of them showing their rawer, darker emotions. Probably a clever boy with a medium sized height. But overall is a good person and nice guy. Sweet and lovable.
Person 1: Who the fuck is he?
Person 2: He's a nerd
Person 1: Not another Soham
by The sexyking August 04, 2011
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A person who is interesting but not in a good way! He thinks he is the best, but is not. He is try-hard! He is a wannabe bad-boy. It is sad to watch him try so hard, and fail so much. Overall, being a Soham isn’t a good thing!
Omg! He is such a try-hard!
Do you mean he is such a Soham?
by Thesmartchild March 08, 2019
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a really skinny dude who thinks hes good at fortnite but he isnt
also he thinks hes smart but hes actually really dumb
also he has a crush on quite a few people
by freeytwatching September 15, 2018
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Fat guy who thinks he is good but is actually a piece of shit......and don't know how to play games(pubg). His friends are better gamers than him....also he will die virgin.
Man u suck at this game u must be Soham!
by Ananyaaaaaa August 31, 2018
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A big jerk who bullies people and thinks he's cool and smart. He thinks you're his friend but nobody likes him.
Wow! Did you see that new kid? He's a Soham!
by qwsdrcdddxd55546 May 22, 2019
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