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Persian feminine name.

Farsiβ–ͺ language of origin.

Gol- translated from Farsi means flower. Sogol is translated from Farsi to English as :"The most beautiful flower"
Daily struggle......
Them: What's your name?
Sogol: Hi Im Sogol.
Them: Huh??
Sogol: I said Sogol.
Them: Spell it!
Sogol: S-O-G-O-L.
Them: that your first/real name??
Sogol: Yes
Them: Oh ok Thats (weird, unusual,exotic, cool, different)
*Choice of terms commonly used.*
Sogol: Thanks?!
Them: What does it mean?
Sogol: Its a Persian name that means "most beautiful flower"
Them: OMG I love it!!! My name only means "hair of a horse"
Sogol: That's cool too...(*smiling awkwardly*)
by *Themoreyouknow* August 12, 2017
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A funny short persian girl who laughs a lot. Likes eating tomatoes. Has the hots for athletes. Everyone goes to her for advice or to learn farsi.
Girl #1 - Who is that short little persian girl who is laughing over there?

Girl #2 - Oh thats Sogol. She is really cool
by Sogolicious October 05, 2010
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Sogol means the most beautiful flower in Farsi. She makes everyone laugh all the time. She will always be there when you need her, she is always good for advice and can make you feel better all the time.

If you have a friend name Sogol never lose her
Girl 1/Omg I wanna be friends with this girl who is she?
Girl 2/ Oh thats sogol, she is a good friend to have.
by 1234t687665459 November 18, 2018
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another word for goggles, , smeshie smash, smish smosh, gogs, googlie, ga ga, goosh, sogs, soggy, sogalum (sogolm), sogster, soggy waffles, etc. you get the picture
by Laily Logster/ Lou/ lulu October 06, 2004
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