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Persian feminine name.

Farsiβ–ͺ language of origin.

Gol- translated from Farsi means flower. Sogol is translated from Farsi to English as :"The most beautiful flower"
Daily struggle......
Them: What's your name?
Sogol: Hi Im Sogol.
Them: Huh??
Sogol: I said Sogol.
Them: Spell it!
Sogol: S-O-G-O-L.
Them: that your first/real name??
Sogol: Yes
Them: Oh ok Thats (weird, unusual,exotic, cool, different)
*Choice of terms commonly used.*
Sogol: Thanks?!
Them: What does it mean?
Sogol: Its a Persian name that means "most beautiful flower"
Them: OMG I love it!!! My name only means "hair of a horse"
Sogol: That's cool too...(*smiling awkwardly*)
by *Themoreyouknow* August 12, 2017
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A funny short persian girl who laughs a lot. Likes eating tomatoes. Has the hots for athletes. Everyone goes to her for advice or to learn farsi.
Girl #1 - Who is that short little persian girl who is laughing over there?

Girl #2 - Oh thats Sogol. She is really cool
by Sogolicious October 05, 2010
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another word for goggles, , smeshie smash, smish smosh, gogs, googlie, ga ga, goosh, sogs, soggy, sogalum (sogolm), sogster, soggy waffles, etc. you get the picture
by Laily Logster/ Lou/ lulu October 06, 2004
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