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When a group of classy gents (3 or more, 10 for a feast) sit in a circle and jerk off. Each finishing on a single nacho. The last to complete the task, dines on the nacho.
Bob, Frank, Steve and Arthur are sitting in a circle watching Bikini Car Wash. A single large nacho has been chosen as the main course. Each person tugs away. Breaking blood vessels to fire one off and not be last. Frank is first. He goes to his knees and discharges a healthy batch over the corn tortilla. Bob soon follows. Its a shoot out between Steve and Arthur. From sitting indian style Arthur shoots a four footer and drops a pint of baby gravy on the nacho. Steve's face goes from red to green. Bob asks, "Pepper?". Steve takes the nacho down in two large bites and spends the next two hours puking in the bathroom. And that my friends is the Soggy Nacho.
by Keith L September 19, 2006
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soggy nacho meaning a moist or wet vagina.

while eating dinner marc and rachel were sharing nachos.the salsa made some soggy and thats how the word came about.
rachel was touched down below and this made her have a soggy nacho.
by marc and rachel July 31, 2010
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The act of being forced to lick another's dirty grundle.
Rich was bitching about something, so I gave him a taste of the ol' soggy nacho.
by Quadrokeith April 01, 2008
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