A phrase often used by Twitter users to describe the blocking of another person, then immediate unblock. This is used to make the other user force-unfollow you without making it obvious that blocked them.
This person wouldn't stop replying to my Tweets, so I soft blocked them.
by gitrekt May 15, 2016
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Similar to a cock block, its when you get turned off so hard by an event/s that it makes you revert to a soft state (penis wise)
Victor- Dood so what happened last night with you and your girl?

Kaveen- Man totally soft block man, my Dad walked into my room while we were doing it

Victor- Dood man

Kaveen- I know -_-
by SoyK December 1, 2010
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when someone blocks you on twitter and unblocks you so you're not following each other anymore.
person: dude, did you dm freya about that thing?
person: ugh, no! she soft blocked me, man!
by zugwzang April 3, 2016
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when you approaches a soft serve yogurt machine and have to wait for the guy who jumped in front of you to make his first, or wait even longer for the machine to re freeze the yogurt because the guy that beat you to it made 6 and it got soft
example 1:

i need a vanilla yogurt
sorry i gotta make 10 swirls first..
ohhh you just got "soft blocked"

example 2:

i just got "soft blocked" jose heard i needed a yogurt so he ran to make his first.
by nofriends420 January 5, 2010
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