When a guy cums so much that his semen solidifies in the girls mouth.
Girl 1: *muffled noises*
Girl 2: "what's wrong with her?"
Guy 1: "I gave her some vanilla yogurt."
by Buddahwisdom January 28, 2014
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When you masturbate into a cup of vanilla yogurt and serve it to your guests as h'ors deuvres at a ritzy party... Especially effective if you have herpes or syphilis.
Jesus0f SUBURBlA (1:17:58 AM): I masturbate into cups of vanilla yogurt and serve them as euderves at my ritzy house par-tays
warm like toast (1:14:57 AM): you are hilarious
Jesus0f SUBURBlA (1:15:05 AM): why
Jesus0f SUBURBlA (1:15:25 AM): is it because i kill hobos
by Stank Queen December 6, 2004
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