This is when someone lacks the social skills that normal people developed in high school. They missed out on normal socialization because they were outcasts, more than likely because they were physically unattractive, but that is not always the case. Attractive people can be affected by this when they are only liked BECAUSE of their looks and nothing else. Usually occurs in males. Excessive internet use is also a dominant cause.
So I met a boy and I was trying to hang out with him:

me: Hey, since we only hang out at bars, how 'bout you go to this thing with me?

him: I'm going to that with my friends April 7th!

. . . . .

me: Okay, well I hope you guys have fun.

If he wasn't into me, this would have just been an asshole move, but apparently he WAS into me and just a fucking idiot because now he's my boyfriend.

P.S. Even when I brought up how socially retarded that was he still did not invite me.
by Kwiatkowski May 15, 2006
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Someone that is missing or lacking the social skills needed to be accepted in society.
Me: Why are you bored?
Tawfiq: I have no friends
Me: So, your socially retarded?
Tawfiq: Yes. Yes i am.
by udahit April 09, 2009
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A person that thinks facebooking, twittering, texting, and being glued to your phone is being social even though its the complete opposite.
John: (staring at his phone) I'm such a social person
Mark: When was the last time you talked to someone face to face? You are more like Socially retarded
by bilbobagg April 28, 2011
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A person who is retarted socially. Usually used to describe somebody with average or above average intellegence who is scared or ignoarant of what to do in a normal social situation.

That kid who nobody talks to, and if you try to initiate conversation with him he gets nervous and doesnt know what to say.
I asked that social retard how he was doing and he freaked out
by abc123xyz December 30, 2008
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One that cannot function socially. Not retarded, but rather incapable of interacting socially for several reasons. Immaturity, spitefulness, emotional scars, etc.
My sister dropped out of school at an early age, missed formidable social growth and now at the age of 40 acts like she's 15.

My youngest brother always got what he wanted and threw a fit when he didn't. Now that he is an adult he still acts the same way even around strangers.

Social Retards!
by Pitco January 25, 2010
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One who at all social gatherings manages to embarrass themselves or cause undue awkwardness whenever they add remarks to the conversation.
When she joined in the conversation, she was such a social retard.

"You are such a social retard"
by Judd1106 January 26, 2007
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condition in which a person behaves inappropriately whenever they are ou in public. Such person has no idea how to act or communicate in the presence of others but does not get embarrassed because they aren't aware of their own deficiencies.
Please excuse my mother, she suffers from social retartation.
by LN July 19, 2003
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