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The worst subject in all of life. Like who needs to know about things that happened long ago?!? Like if I need to know about history I would just read. Who needs history?
Person: Why is social studies a thing? Who needs it?
Social studies teacher: you better need it to learn!
Person: about what?
Social studies teacher: Ummmm... Something?
by Potatosmileyface September 09, 2016
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The most useless class in the whole world. Honestly, who the fuck needs to learn about the Mongols? It doesn't benefit you in anyway possible. The only reason why it's there because some tards said, "LEt'S leArN aboUt HiStOy.". Fucking idiots.
Social Studies is useless
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by AsianSanta October 11, 2019
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A typical school subject that consists of world history. However, it is most likely the most useless subject to be circled around the education system, because, unfortunately, when you're working at the cash register at McDonald's, no one is going to ask you to name all of the Chinese dynasties.
Student: What's your favorite class?
Student 2: Social Studies!
Student: Hey, what do you think is the most useless subject?
Student 2: Ummmmmm

You get the idea.
by Dick Clicker September 20, 2018
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A super easy class that is literally a copy and paste and EVERYONE should pass this class if you dont you are retarted
by feotus April 24, 2019
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