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n. A person who is typically/always socially imperceptive and 'latches on' to a group of people. this person is along for a ride and is impossible to lose, usually makes awkward comments making them unwanted. they are with you and eat away at your cool factor, making them a parasite

n. a tape worm with many friends and/or a facebook account
guy: wow person 3 is such a parasite!

girl: i know he saw us at dinner and has not left

person 3(social parasite):so going to watch you make out ok?
by Atohn January 20, 2008
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1. One who attaches oneself to another person or group of people solely for the the purpose of raising one's own social status. Unfortunately diagnosis of having a social parasite can be made only after discovering that you have already been used, abused, and drained of all your resources. Once a social parasite has been discovered it quickly moves on and attaches itself to another victim. The cycle continues indefinitely as the parasite never achieves the social status it so badly desires.

2. An organism that attaches itself to an individual or group for the soul purpose of gain. Many social parasites rely on those they attach themselves to. They may also expect "the infected" to do such things as: pay for items being consumed(booze, cigs), chauffeur them around. They might also expect to be housed over night. This may then also go on for up to years.

3. A highly invasive organism that exhibits the minimum number of signs of intelligent life. The de-facto route of infection presents through unprotected social intercourse and concurrent alcohol or substance abuse. The social parasite also exibits a high perpensity to symbiotiaclly attach itself to an unaware host. This method of attachment usually presents itself when the host is exhibiting marked signs of malnurition, irratability, suicidal idealization, and unable to function within normal society. This causes the host to withdrawl from normal social circles and induce psycological self distrruction. This infection can be eradicated by completely disrupting its feeding cycle. Other mehods of eradication include removing any source of intoxicating substances or alcohol from the surrounding area. The social parasite will either detach itself from the host and die or move on to infect another person within the same social circle.
"I woke up this morning and realized I spent $300 last night, didn't get laid, and then found that social parasite still on my couch. He had the nerve to ask me to drop him off a half hour away and then asked for money when he got out of the car."
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A blurted suddle point or opinion that has some basis of truth but is usually derogatory in nature. Usually given by hard harted persons just to gain social acceptance at the expense of others.

Sometimes reffered to as parasite.
Joe thinks he's cool. But I hate hanging arround a social parasite.
by RJ September 04, 2004
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A person who thrives on others and benefit by deriving money, time, and emotions at the other's expense(s). S/He not only maintains but expects friends to support and sponsor her way of life while the said parasite may even manage to extract money and wealth from her friends to spend on her/himself, i.e. fashion, vacations, advancements. In return if said parasite make attempt to give back, it was often used as superficial avenue to glorify or benefit him/herself.
Colleague 1: I was at a friend's wedding and saw Irina with her new boyfriend.

Colleague 2: Oh God, what did they do?

Colleague 1: Well, she didn't bring get the couple a wedding present, her boyfriend ate all the steak from the table, got horribly drunk and offended a couple of people.

Colleague 2: Sounds typical trashy behavior.

Colleague 1: More than that - they're social parasites... when the married couple came to our table to toast, Irina said the them, "For your wedding present, I'll give you two tickets to my next show."

Colleague 2: Wow. I think I've seen one of her shows - it was horrible.

Colleague 1: I don't have the heart to tell her otherwise.
by Mac Taler May 16, 2014
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