The worn out, spent, or run-down sensation experienced after being around a lot of people. Some people even experience headaches and body aches similar to those associated with an alcohol based hangover, even when they did not consume any alcohol to cause one. Common to introverted people.
That party last night was so fun, but I've got a serious social hangover, so I just need to relax, read, maybe watch a little tv today. I'll join you for coffee tomorrow, okay?
by White_Raven23 December 10, 2011
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When you wake up clear in the head and feeling great otherwise, this is the sick feeling you get in the morning that you may have made a complete ass of yourself at the party the night before or offended several people you had never met before.
Guest: "Hey man, did I make a complete ass out of myself around your friends last night? I was pretty trashed."

Host: "No bud, you were actually pretty mellow. You just have a social hangover."
by BusyHunter August 31, 2008
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