Verb - the act of when a man is having sex with a woman and pulls out right before he climaxes and ejaculates either on top of said woman’s labia, in between her breasts, or in between her butt cheeks, then the man lays his erection down into the pool of seaman and proceeds to thrust in between either crevice until he turns flaccid.
I busted a nut in this chick's ass crack and straight up soap dished her.
by CKSPEAKS May 26, 2010
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You're in the tub and there's jus a lil bit of water in there, your girl comes in and you go on top and she's slidin' like a wet soapdish
Yo you hear joey gave that girl a wet soap dish?
by Ayy Ro May 28, 2005
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The process of licking the males semen and directly squirting it onto your own food as dressing.
I didn't realize she had used Dish Soap on my sandwich, but it tasted so good!
by /Pie God\ April 20, 2017
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The act of pouring dish soap into a zip-lock bag, then a male will pull out his penis and fuck the soap (Chafing may occur).
That kid just went to the bathroom and got himself some dish soap-bation
by Langtsonator November 18, 2010
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dawn is a fruity little fruit loop. also is amazing and awesome and perfect and nice and so wonderful. but mostly gay 💕
"Oh hey theres dawn dish soap ! they're so gay💕"
by Wimblursock October 13, 2021
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When yur getting the dome in the kitchen and you blast yur alfredo sauce into the dishwasher

"My bad g, I must've had a dish soap explosion yesterday"
by Bang Bang MuthaFucka March 17, 2019
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The act of hiding behind a shower curtain while person, or persons is going to the bathroom while viciously shadow jerking. When person is about to wash their hands, jump out and ejaculate on hands of person screaming FOR THE MOTHERLAND!
by Captain Coke February 1, 2014
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