Finding out if your friends crush likes them back.
Person 1 - Will you find out if Dave likes me?
Person 2 - This will require some snuffling
by tweety-girl san November 13, 2011
To blow into a girls nose so she can't breath while she's on her period
She told me she was on her period while we were making out so I started snuffling her until we had sex.
by DadLu November 3, 2013
The act of rubbing ones face into the belly fur of a cat or dog to gain their essence.
I love to go home at the end of a long day and snuffle my kitty.
by Poopydump420 May 4, 2019
to bury your face into someone's side in a manner which tickles and makes them laugh
snuffly wuffly! u should try it, it's fun
by Tori December 26, 2005
An extreme form of snuggling, potentially causing severe injury or death to the recipient.
1. After returning home from work, I found my kitty dead, snuffled to death.

2. I couldn't help it! It was so soft I had to snuffle it! I never knew it would turn out like this!

3. Even though it killed the kitty, it was so worth it.
by S. H. G. October 29, 2008
A semi ferral being with large eyes and a penchance for biscuits. Often found "snuffling" around a bag of broken biscuit searching for a "snuffle keeper". Curious, hungry and simple.
The snuffle wondered around the town naked looking for a cookie.
by Snuffle Keeper August 8, 2009
When an individual blows their nose into a womans vagina as to achieve lubrication prior to sexual intercourse.
I was really hung over from a night of drinking, so my mouth was completely dry, and my wife's vagina was comparable to the course sands of the Sahara. So I snuffled her.
by AngryMountainPig February 21, 2011